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Introducing The Turbo Time 87-93 Mustang 5.0 Turbo Kit!


87-93 5.0L Single Turbo Kit
Includes bilge pump for turbo plus all hoses and clamps for installation. Airfilter is included , as is everything to bolt this kit on and have a complete turn key turbo 5.0. The only thing the customer will have to supply is the injectors and we can make recommendations based on combination. The kit is engineered from a mechanical aspect that will give better spoolup, maximize power, and minimize heat in the engine compartment.

87-93 5.0L Single Turbo Kit in Action
The kit has made in excess of 900 hp and has propelled a 100 % stone stock 1989 LX coupe to a 11.33 @ 124 mph with no engine mods whatsoever except the turbo kit. It has also sent a 1991 GT with heads, cam, and intake(stock bottom, box upper) to mid 10's @ 135 and 10.07 @ 141 with a small N2O shot(75hp).

This is the only Fox Mustang kit that we are aware of that you can open the hood and completely miss that its turbocharged. Our car has the stock "acordian" tube wrapped over its intake tubing and a gutted factory air box. We have entered this car in a few car shows on the stock class. The car went the whole car show without anyone even noticing the turbo. The kit is a "street racers" dream due to its appearance.

Available in mild steel, or military grade 321 stainless, .065 wall, annealed, backgassed

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